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Welcome to Radiant Auras Home Decor

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

I remember my mom lighting candles after a long day, or after cleaning the house—a sign of relaxation, satisfaction, and completion. During my younger years growing up in the inner city of Baltimore, I faced many different family adversities that caused me to harbor a lot of resentment. I became very rebellious resulting in my being removed from the home and placed in an all-girls group home.

During this time I was faced with many different hardships, and I struggled with a lot of unexplained feelings. As I tried to adapt to this setting I wanted my home and one of my fondest memories was the Sense of smell, candles continued to show up for me. French Vanilla fragrance was a very nostalgic fragrance it gave me a comforting feeling of home so I started buying candles.

After lighting the candles I realized how it calmed me down… it made me want to write so I would lite my candles and write out all my feelings. This quickly became the way I healed all those feelings that were showing up for me at a young age this continued into my adulthood and this is what inspired me to begin my journey into creating and making home fragrance and decor.

I turned something I loved into something I love and enjoy doing, I've designed A handmade Business offering custom fragrances across our products. I take great pride in uniquely blending all of our fragrances.

We’re a business built of five core values Integrity, Dependability, Respect, Positivity, and Commitment to our Customers.

Fear-Less & Exzude Radiant


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