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8oz Coconut Blend Wooden Wick Candle

"Fearless" is me and so many others like me!

SHE is the definition of resilient and can conquer any storm that comes her way. Her heart is filled with A powerful energy and the rose quartz that’s placed on top of the candle symbolizes that. The comforting smell of amber, soft coconut and warm vanilla makes up this “Fear-Less” combination.


SKU: 364215376135191
  • 8 oz  Wooden Wick Coconut Apricot Cream Candle

    Our Fearless Candle is infused with  Rose Quartz Crystals, Remove Larger Crystals before lighting. Our Candles have a burn time of 40- 45 hours when burned correctly. Scan QR code for Candle Care instructions 

  • Burn for 3-4 hours then extinguish candle, insure to trim wick before you relight your candles(wooden wicks you can pinch the burned edges off the top to trim) this will insure a cleaner safer longer burn. Keep away from small pets and children

    This candle has an authentic rose quartz crystal infused in it! You can remove before lighting or keep In. If you keep it in it will alter seamless burn

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