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3oz Coconut Blend Wax Melt Clamshell

Just imagine rose petals sprinkled on the floor and the candles are lit the scene is set for this date night to commence. This scent is the perfect start for your romantic in-house date night with the one you love. I look forward to the date nights in! "Exotic Florals" will set a sexy MOOD....

The seductive smell of warm vanilla intertwined sweet florals, seductive musk and dried rose petals put this scent in a lane of its own.

“Exotic Florals” Wax Melts

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  • 3oz Coconut Blend Wax Melt

    Break off one square and place it in your wax warmer can also be used with an electric warmer for a flameless option.

    Replace after you can no longer smell the Fragrance let the wax cool before handling

    Never leave unattended, keep away from small kids and pets 

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